Preschool Study

We have expanded our study abroad programs to include preschool children primarily from China. Given their young ages of preschool children we work closely with their families, and in some cases their home country schools. 

The goal is to provide preschool children with an early childhood cultural and language learning opportunity.

General requirements

  • Children ages: 2 to 5 years old. Children younger than 2 may be considered on individual basis.
  • English: Not required. In fact children are expected to learn English during the stay.
  • Duration of stay:  one week or longer, depending on your needs. 
  • Guardians: Parent(s) or other family member(s) will accompany the child during the stay.
  • Location: Preschools in the United States
  • Financial support: Student families are responsible for tuition, travel expenses, housing and healthcare insurance overage.
  • Visa: Preschool children younger than 5 years old are usually not required to apply for student visas. Children and their parents can use visitor or tourist visa. However, it is important that parents verify visa requirement prior to the trip.


How to Get Started

If you are interested to participate in the program, you can apply for it online here. There is no cost or obligation for the initial evaluation.